A day in the life of sorority girls

This is life as it is viewed from a Pi Beta Phi and an Alpha Omicron Pi's perspective. These are our thoughts about life, pranking, school, summer, and God. 2 Corinthians 11:19

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pranking Fraternity Men

In the past 5 days, Alpha Omicron Pi has been pranked by three different fraternities. On Tuesday night some men got up on our sundeck and came in through windows on the third floor and proceeded to steal underware from multiple women. They were nice though and put each girls underware in her own seperate bag, and then delivered them to the house the next afternoon. On Wednesday night another fraternity decided to have a garage sale on our lawn. They displayed garage sale signs and for sale signs in our front yard. Then they put out 3 couches, 2 sofa's, some nasty carpet, a chair, and a washer all around our lawn! Real cute boys! I think they went to the dump to find these items because they were so old and gross and disgusting! Then Saturday night another fraternity only targeted my room (this was payback for a previous prank against two of their members' cars.) My roomate came home to find 3 cans of axe sprayed in our room......and piles of seafood and dead fish parts scattered in various locations throughout our room! We were still finding some of them this afternoon! And even though our window has been opened the whole day it still smells like Axe.....which I guess is better than dead fish! P.S. It is soooo hard to get the dead fish smell out of stuff! There was also a live fish in my waterbottle and some in our bathroom sinks as well! That was just mean....but I laughed anyways. And the boys were so proud of what they had done they didn't even try to hide it! Just watch out boys......

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Luau's and Studying...in that order.

Well, you may be wondering why 2 sorority girls from 2 different houses might want to start a blog together. The answer is simple. We are friends. HA bet you were expecting something profound and serious weren't you? Well, you were mistaken, becasue profound and serious are not words that would typically describe us. Although...we occasionally have our moments.

Because this is our first post, and we don't really know what to say, we are just going to talk about what we did today. OK? ok good. Well, the day got off to far too early of a start for both of us. And by that i mean...the sun was already shining. Because it is almost finals week, and we are both diligent students, we got straight to work and didn't stop till 5:30. Exciting huh?

After that, we "borrowed" a croquet set from a fraternity to take to crusade's luau at bozeman beach. And by that i mean...gopher-hole infested field next to a pond. After a couple of hours of bbq and fun in the sun we unfortunatley had to head back to town to study...and by study we mean set up this blog. Anything to procrastinate right?

Something you may want to know about us is this... We thoroughly enjoy pranking. Just thought we'd get that out in the open. Often when we use the word "borrowed", we really mean taken without anyone's knowledge with the intention of giving it back. In sorority lingo...we call it a raid.

Welp, back to cramming useless knowledge into our brains...