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Saturday, June 24, 2006

3 weeks in!

Well, as you can clearly read in the title, i (sarah) have been in yellowstone for three weeks now. It has been such an amazing time. Here are a few pictures that will not even begin to do this program justice!

This is me and my friend Genie who is the work director.

We have a polar bear swim the first night that the students are all here. This lake is freezing cold!

After a long hard day of work...well...or...i guess when we take a lunch break in the middle of the day...we sometimes hang a hammock right outside of the office.


Blogger Autumn & Sarah said...

AWWW!!! Look at you looking so fine in your rangers outfit! That hammock looks comfy! We may have to try it out when I come (cuz I AM coming!)

7:37 AM  

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