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Saturday, January 13, 2007

long time

Wow, it has been a long time since either of us have written. It was a crazy semester. Right now I (Sarah) am working at bridger bowl. It is an awesome job! I am a liftie, so i help people get on the lifts or check their tickets. It is such a blast, but sometimes it is really cold. Today it was -12 all day long. brr! The most amazing part of the job is the fact that i get a free season pass and $5 rentals! So basically, i am either working or skiing right now!

I am living in an apartment for the first time ever. I also have to grocery shop and cook for myself for the first time. Everywhere i have lived away from home has had a cook. It's horribly frustrating because for some reason i am a bad cook. I'm used to picking up things pretty quickly, but not this. I am resorting to soup, sandwiches, and frozen meals as to not ruin anymore food.

I'm still planning on going to Spain. I bought my ticket in the fall, so i'm all ready to go! We are going to leave on March 29th. I'm taking this semester off of school, so i am going to finish up next year as a super senior. Even though i'm not going to be taking classes, i'm still around Bozeman, so i am lucky to still be able to be involved with Campus Crusade and the greek bible study. We've made some changes this semester to the group, and i am really excited to see what is going to come from it! I'm excited to start planning what is going to now be our annual superbowl party. We started doing it last year to raise money to help send people to greek conference. I'm so excited to go again this year!

here's a cute picture of Autumn, me, and 2 amazing ladies from our greek study!

That's right...4 ladies from 3 different sororities all getting along! :)


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