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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An even longer time!

So I (Autumn) am now in Butte, Montana for my last semester of school. Yeah, I know what you're all thinking....but it's not so bad here. I'm doing my student teaching at Butte high school where I teach a few different subjects to 9-12th graders, so I have a nice variety to my day! I have a regular sophomore biology class, and honors biology class, an anatomy class with mostly seniors, and then two applied biology classes which range in grades from 9-12th. I've also joined up with a college group from a local church here which provides me with my weekly entertainment on Sundays! They've also got InterVarsity here at Butte Tech so I've been going to that as well. On the weekends (usually every other weekend, but lately it's been at least one of the weekend days) I work at the hospital as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Fancy name but not too technical.

There is also this guy that goes to my church who is paying me to work out with his son. His son is disabled (has mostly a limp left arm and leg) and he just needs someone to make him workout and strenghten his left side. And since I'm at the gym most days I get paid to be that person! Pretty sweet if you ask me! So, I'm pretty busy but I really did not like being bored...so now I'm content. I'm liking my student teaching, I'm glad to have gotten connected with the friends that I have, and I like my jobs, but I do miss my friends back in Bozeman.
Unitl next time.


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