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Saturday, August 19, 2006

sadly...it's over...

It's that time of year again...by that i (sarah) mean that i will be leaving amazing yellowstone park to head back to school. It was by far the best summer i've ever spent here, and i am pretty much positive that i want to come back for at least one more summer. This picture is our entire staff. Maybe i should explain it. We give the students gag gifts at the end of the summer, and this was taken for one of those gifts. A girl's boyfriend got a new truck and sent her a ton of pictures of him on the truck. She then showed ALL of us these pictures for weeks and was obviously super excited about it. (i felt i needed to clarify in case anyone thought we posed on our rigs regularly...)

I look like i'm really mad in this picture...i'm not. For some reason i decided to pose looking right into the sun...go figure

Yellowstone is such an amazing place. One of the highlights of my summer was getting our entire camp on top of avalanche peak. It was a STEEP climb up and a real challenge for a lot of our students.

This is everyone on top of the peak. Amazing view!!!

The next step in my chaos of a life right now is going back to school. I move back into my sorority tomorrow. However, in the next few weeks i have to decide what i am doing in the spring. I have an opportunity to hike the camino de santiago in spain with some great friends who also happen to be yellowstone co-workers. It would be an epic trip (yes autumn...i said epic...) We would actually be gone for about 5 and a half weeks. 4 weeks would be spent hiking the actual trail (it is about 400 miles long), a week would be spent traveling in spain, and half a week would probably be spent visiting a great friend of ours in new york on the way.

In order to do this trip i would have to take a semester off of school. We would be hiking the month of april so i wouldn't be able to take finals. I would spend jan-march probably just working. I am definitely very scared and excited about this possibility. I think it would be so good for me in so many ways! (one huge one that just occured to me is that i would live on my own for 3 months. Us sorority girls are not used to shopping and cooking for ourselves. That would be really exciting!) A lot of prayer is for sure needed on my part as i try and make this decision. It is huge!

That's all i have for now!


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